Aviation is the transport sector with the largest growth dynamic. As such, the number of people travelling by air has doubled over the last fifteen years. The expansion of airport capacity has struggled to keep pace with this level of growth, and an end to this growth is nowhere in sight. To keep satisfying the demand in infrastructure, large investments are required, which in view of the strain the increasing air traffic causes on the population, has the need to be carefully and thoroughly planned.


For this we offer the following services:


Foundations for research into future infrastructure demand (forecast of transit, freight and other aviation traffic, determination of capacity needs),


Fundamental data, to determine the effects of planed measures on people and the environment,


Determining the airport related traffic on land


Forecast of the demand for flights during sensitive hours (night flights).


Here our expertise relates to higher levels of planning (masterplans in airport infrastructure, general traffic concepts including intermodal effects between air and land based traffic), planning for individual airports with respect to legal processes and internal business and development planning and to advising investors, airlines and aviation authorities.








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