Transportation planning with competence and motivation

Established in 1980 through a management buy-out from a bigger engineering company, Intraplan Consult has become a medium sized consultancy with over 30 employees and an annual turnover of approximately €5 million. Our national and international clients consist of federal and state governments, communal planning institutions, transport companies, public transport providers, organisations and private investors.


Since the beginning, when the analysis and forecast of transport demand stood in the foreground of our activities, the spectrum of our consulting and business services has been growing constantly. The main areas of our planning activities are:


Intermodal transportation demand data analysis for local and regional as well as for national and international planning institutions,


The planning of local and long distance transportation from supply concepts to the analysis of measures, through to operational and economical assessments,


Air transport,


Consulting bidding consortiums for PPP projects as well as


Feasibility studies and assessments of investment proposals for transport infrastructure


The idea of using scientific knowledge and experience from the modeling of demand streams for the customization of ticket revenue, and the design of usage oriented ticket prices, led to the creation of the division for IT-services. The main activities of this subsidiary are the support of Deutsche Bahn in the post-processing of electronic sales data for controlling purposes as well as the maintenance and development of journey-price systems for rail based long-distance transport.


The shares of our company are entirely owned by senior employees. This guarantees the independence of our expertise and consulting services.









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