Our philosophy

We understand our motto »shaping mobility responsibly« as a duty towards our clients, employees and the community. The attempt to accomplish the needs for mobility of the general public and the economy stands between the rising demand for the availability of infrastructure capacity as well as the supply of public transport, and the aim of reducing the environmental impact of the transport sector.


This tension lies right at the heart of our activities. We concern ourselves with the following questions:


What are the present mobility demands and how will they develop in the future?


How are these demands represented in the flow of traffic today and in the future?


What environmental impact comes about through this and how can this be reduced with special emphasis on particle emissions and climate change?


How can the necessary infrastructure and supply of public transport be financed? Which role should the end-user (in the form of tolls and fare prices) or private investors play?


How is the market formed and developing from a technical/​engineering, organisational and economic point of view?


We believe that the upcoming challenges can only be solved with transport systems designed efficiently with respect to transportation, finance and the economy. This requires profound analysis and forecasts which make it possible to quantify chances and risks attached to single projects or even entire strategies. Here our consultancy services reach from the strategic level to advice on operational implementation.


The lasting quality of our consulting philosophy corresponds to our long-term relationship with our clients. This has the effect that gained experiences are not lost after the completion of a project and are available for further projects. The majority of our assignments come from regular clients, who are satisfied again and again by our capabilities. The resulting gains in efficiency are passed on to our clients.


Our long-term relationship with clients is reflected in a distinctive continuity with our employees. On average, our employees have been working here for over fifteen years. This shows the great motivation and level of responsibility our employees have.








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