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Feasibility Study High Speed Rail in India


India is a country with a very dynamic development and on its way to develop a nationwide High Speed Rail (HSR) network. Several nationwide or corridor-specific studies have been undertaken. The task for this project was to determine whether the framework and socio-economic structures in India are suitable for the implementation of an HSR system, and whether the German HSR framework and approach are comparable with India and can thus be used as a blueprint. Subsequently the study was to prove whether the rail corridor Chennai – Bengaluru – Mysuru qualifies for such a project and which routing and characteristics would be the optimal solution.




Air Traffic Forecast 2030 for Airport Frankfurt (FRA)


Preparation of current traffic forecasts as basis for internal planning processes and decision making as well as dealing with regulatory and possibly legal issues in the course of the further development of the airport according to air transport demand.




Sensitivity study for the long-term forecast for Swiss rail goods traffic (2040)


Goods traffic forecast for rail and road traffic in Switzerland




traffic quality on German motorways


Forecast of traffic quality 2025 on German motorways




feasibility study high speed rail in Norway


Supply planning and demand forecasts for a high-speed rail network in Norway




demand and revenue forecast for the A4 motorway concession


Detailed traffic and revenue forecast for the A4 A-Modell concession




demand and revenue forecast for the motorway concession »PPP Ostregion – Ypsilon« (Austria)


Detailed traffic and revenue forecast for PPP Ostregion project »Ypsilon«




forecast of traffic qualities on selected German motorway sections 2020


Forecast of traffic quality on selected motorway sections considering network extension projects




forecast of the German traffic flows 2025


Multi-mode OD-matrices for passenger and goods traffic 2004 and forecast 2025




rail traffic flows 2006 in the Netherlands (on behalf of NS Nederlandse Spoorwegen)


Compilation of a rail traffic demand matrix 2006for the Dutch passenger traffic











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