Individual consulting in transportation

Intraplan is one of the leading German consultancies in the transport sector. We create assessments with demand analyses and forecasts for federal, state and local projects as well as for railway companies, transport groups, airport operators, airlines, private investors and project financers.


We constantly customize our services for the various needs and wishes of our clients. By having a continuous outlook on current developments, we provide our clients with individual and competent advice for all questions on short- and long-distance transport.


For the complex spectrum of our tasks, the use of standard software is sometimes not sufficient. For the sectors of demand-analysis and forecasts, as well as for operational and economic assessments, we have developed our own software which can be rapidly customized, independent of any external providers, for the respective challenges arising from complex issues.


Additionally, the operational management of the post-processing of the sales data from Deutsche Bahn by an internally developed software has been a high priority in the last years.









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