Software development and (operational) management for complex software solutions

Today, nothing works without the use of powerful IT, especially in transport planning. Only with the help of modern hard- and software, is it possible for us to deliver our high-level consulting services.


Software development


Since 1995 our own software development department has completed our service spectrum, which enables us to support data- and data-processing intensive projects, using our own Windows and UNIX software. This software is deployed by our planners.


Clients also approach us for specific solutions for commercial or transport business problems. We look after the clients from making requirement analyses, setting required specifications through to making the final product available and installing it. Depending on the project requirements and the clients’ wishes we can make everything from small solutions through to developing, testing and integration of database-based client/​server solutions.


Over the course of time, our employees have gained a deep level of knowledge of the operations of our clients. As a result they remain as a contact for the care and development of the software once it has been delivered.


Amongst the experts our products developed by ourselves or as an assignement – such as AAV/​LAAV, ICE-PS, R-A-PS and RPS – are regarded to be as setting the standard. And we offer everything from small solutions to complete systems. Just as our clients ask for.


Next to our short and direct paths of communication, our clients especially appreciate our continuity and reliability.


(Operational) Management for complex software solutions


We have a data processing centre, able to deal with high level demands with respect to performance, data security and reliability. We have years of experience in analysing large quantities of data, where reliable and punctual results are crucial.


Alongside to the software development, we offer our clients the option for us to take over the management for their complex software solutions. This offer encompasses the provision of our IT-infrastructure, long-term archiving of data and providing secure online access to the data or applications.








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