Stations and pedestrian traffic

Bus stops, stations, P&R facilities and airports are hubs, for which demand orientated planning can, dependant on the complexity of the system, on the one hand optimise the flow of traffic or on the other hand increase the cost efficiency of an infrastructure project.


We analyse and predict the flow of pedestrians within transport hubs under varying constraints as a basis for the necessary dimensions of the hub.


With a model of pedestrian flows we verify capacities under consideration of different standards. We calculate the chances of congestion and the resulting area of congestion and create the basis for evidence for emergency access.


Oversized parts of the hubs are identified during planning and simultaneously suggestions for economically sensible solutions created.


Our experience in the field ranges from completed large scale projects such as the Expo train station in Hannover or the central station in Berlin, to planned projects such as the »Nucleus Solution for Munich central« in conjunction with the second S-Bahn mainline.








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