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Contributing to the development of responsible strategies, to fulfil the mobility demands of society and the economy is one of the most challenging goals a consulting firm can set itself.


For us, responsibility is the feasible harmonisation of possibly contradictory goals in planning processes. On the one hand, a functional transportation system is a prerequisite for a stable economic development and to guarantee mobility for all segments of society. On the other hand, the realisation of mobility will always lead to the pollution of our environment while it relies on motorized means of transport. Here responsibility means developing strategies for the mixture of transportation modes and developing routes which can satisfy the demand with the lowest possible environmental impact.


It is impossible to imagine a functional transportation system – especially in metropolitan areas – without a competitive supply of high quality public transportation services. Because these services are only profitable under rare conditions, public subsidies are required. Here, responsibility requires the development of concepts to allocate these subsidies as efficiently as possible.


We understand the term »efficiency« in a macroeconomic sense, by considering the interests of the environment, the demand of passengers and the objectives of regional and land development. However a central component of the overall economic efficiency is also the business efficiency of the developed solutions, as without this, public budgets would be overwhelmed.


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