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    Expertises and studies

    Do you require well-founded statements on a transport-related topic? It is part of our core business to prepare expert opinions and studies on your behalf. From our point of view, it is crucial that arguments are based on a solid foundation, derived transparently and prepared in a target group-specific manner. It makes a big difference whether a study serves to find strategic direction, finds its way into a public discussion process, whether it is the basis for an administrative act, or whether it triggers contractually agreed payment flows.



    We involve our clients in the project work. In this way, they have insight into the process and can follow and shape it. It is important to us that the results are comprehensible for our clients and the intended recipients of the studies. That is why transparency is so important to us.



    We conduct studies on all topics within our range of services. Classically, these are

    • Traffic forecasts rail/road/air for in-house decision-making on a future strategy or as a comprehensive planning basis
    • Feasibility studies for expansion projects
    • Analyses of variants as a basis for internal and public discussion
    • Cost-benefit studies to prove eligibility for funding (e.g. according to German law “GVFG”)
    • Cost and revenue forecasts
    • Concept studies for tariff strategies or revenue sharing procedures
    • Revenue claims for a specific accounting period



    Independence and a solid factual basis are the foundations of our work. Our reputation as experts derives from this independence, which we have always preserved. In the advisory process, we see our task as creating a basis for decision-making that is based on facts. This proves particularly valuable in conflict situations, where we are perceived as honest and solution-oriented mediators.