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    Rail transport

    Rail transport is geared to public transport and thus comprises a narrowly defined group of stakeholders: transport companies, infrastructure companies, public transport authorities and the public sector have to act in a coordinated manner in order to align the service as best as possible to the demand. A profound knowledge of transport needs is essential in order to harmonise the frequency of services, schedules, journey times and connections, and also to accordingly develop the infrastructure in the long term.

    Our spectrum

    Overview of services

    In rail transport – one of our core business areas – we advise and support our clients from strategic decisions to planning and operational issues. Based on a well-founded analysis of current and future transport needs, we develop service concepts for long-distance and local rail passenger transport as well as underground, light rail and tram systems. We consider expansion options of the available infrastructure as part of the long-term solution finding process. Depending on the issue involved, we also work out efficient timetable concepts in order to identify infrastructural bottlenecks.

    In addition, we offer transport companies concrete support in the areas of tariff design, revenue sharing and revenue reporting. We advise on everything from conception and implementation to data collection and data maintenance.

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    We make you benefiting

    • from our comprehensive market overview of all areas of rail transport,
    • from our continuously developed toolbox of methods for the entire spectrum between strategic long-term planning and operational issues,
    • from specialised teams that are in constant dialogue with each other,
    • from our cooperation with the leaders of all sectors in case we need additional expertise for a special task.

    Our Focus

    Rail rransport as a means of mass transport

    The rail system is geared towards public transport and, even more than this, is a “means of mass transport”. Its specific system advantages – reliability, speed and efficiency – only appear when corresponding bundling of transport needs is possible. At the same time, its specific weaknesses, such as its fixation on scheduled services, must be mitigated as far as possible through appropriate intramodal and intermodal integration.



    Our customers in the rail sector include transport companies, infrastructure companies, cities and municipalities, public authorities, transport associations as well as national and state ministries in all parts of Germany.

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