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    Method and process development

    In transport planning, hardly any project is the same as another. Every region has its evolved structures, every means of transport its own characteristics, every project its specificity. We are able to develop our established methods and procedures beyond the common standards to meet your specific needs. Whether disputed project details or completely new challenges – we find targeted solutions for your issues that are accepted by all stakeholders.



    We have a toolbox with a variety of tried and tested methods at your disposal. The methods are practice-proven and are individually adapted to your needs. Everything that seems theoretically possible may not always work in practice. In addition to the accuracy of the model approach, aspects such as the development and operational management effort as well as the comprehensibility of the calculation paths play a decisive role for success. Of course, we also pay attention to the effort required to provide the necessary input data as well as their availability and validity.

    Due to many years of professional experience, you can expect the highest level of methodological competence from our consultants. They will deal with the project-specific requirements in detail and identify suitable solutions. In this way, we constantly develop our methods in order to be able to deal adequately with new issues.



    Contact us if you are facing new challenges. We are happy to work with you to break new ground, for example in

    • the development and processing of new data sources,
    • the impact of current trends and changes on the transport market or your business,
    • new legal framework conditions and social demands on the transport industry, as well as
    • the assessment and evaluation of concrete measures or future strategies.

    Sometimes this also involves methodological approaches that are to be used on a permanent basis. We develop appropriate procedures for these applications, which can also be formulated as a framework of rules and regulations if required.



    Our methods reflect the complexity of supply and demand structures in the transport system. However, for some particular tasks, it is also necessary to concentrate on the essential influencing factors to enable you, the client, to comprehend the mechanisms and modes of action in a consistent manner.

    Transparency and comprehensibility play an increasingly important role today. However, the amount of data available is also increasing day by day.

    Our daily business is to find the right balance between accuracy, transparency and economic efficiency of the processes.