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    Data services

    Data is the basis of a multitude of operational processes as well as of decisions on a corporate or political level. An up-to-date database, comprehensible processing and permanent access to information are essential factors for success. To ensure this, you need well thought-out data management, from data acquisition and storage, through data linking and maintenance, up to secure access.



    Spatially disaggregated traffic data has been a challenge even before the term “Big Data” was introduced. With our decades of experience in dealing with such mass data, we have built up a toolbox of methodological tools that we use to support you in the entire value-added process of data management. This toolbox includes not only software solutions for data acquisition and preparation, but also, if required, manual processing steps in the creation of basic data or in the assessment and elimination of data gaps and problems.



    Whether it is traffic demand flows, spatially disaggregated revenue data, tariff data or basic data for revenue sharing, we have specialised for decades in providing our clients with a software-based focused view of their data and assisting them with data maintenance. Our specialised teams are ready to assist you with the conception and software implementation of a data management system and the development of processes and support for

    • data provision,
    • data storage and archiving,
    • consistency and quality assurance,
    • data preparation,
    • data maintenance,
    • data security.

    We are adept at operating interfaces from and into the systems of our customers and thus docking our services to the internal processes of our customers without friction.



    Data never lies? That’s how it should be. In our experience, data can be faulty and – coming from different sources – often do not fit together and may show different perspectives. We therefore attach great importance to verifying the data itself, the consistency between the data as well as the interpretation of the data. Especially the integration of different sources can lead to an enrichment of the data quality and to an improved interpretability. We only forward data to the client when it has undergone these in-house verification processes.