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    Intermodal transport hubs

    Ports, airports, major railway stations and inland terminals for combined transport (CT terminals) do not only represent the central arrival and connection points of “their” means of transport – ships, planes, trains. At the same time, they function as intermodal transhipment points because they have to be “supplied” by other means of transport from the area. Frequently, links are also created between other, “secondary” means of transport, and the nodes develop into veritable hubs of transport.

    Our spectrum

    Overview of services

    In intermodal transport hubs, traffic is bundled particularly efficiently. However, this often results in high loads on the surrounding infrastructure. The planning of and around intermodal transport hubs, in which such aspects are taken into account, is one of our specialities. This is based on our multimodal approach, our comprehensive traffic databases from foot traffic to intercontinental air traffic and our specific modelling tools.

    Our target-oriented


    We offer you decisive added value through

    • proper preparation, linking and extrapolation of data from different sources into one consistent database
    • the use of powerful analysis and modelling tools for traffic and capacity analyses on and off-site and for mapping intermodal transport chains
    • procedures for impact assessment and evaluation of the further development of transport hubs
    • comprehensible presentation of the naturally complex issues involved
    • Processing by interdisciplinary teams with expert knowledge in all relevant areas

    Our focus

    All user groups in focus

    Through the interplay of data bases from all transport sectors, through constantly updated intermodal transport networks and through the inclusion of local and long-distance transport models, we are able to represent all user groups and intermodal links completely in their respective structures. One example of our capabilities is Frankfurt Airport, the largest passenger transport hub in Central Europe: passengers, employees, visitors, accompanying persons, other non-airport-related arrivals and departures, cargo (trucks) as well as supply and disposal (cars and delivery vans) are represented in our models, in each case in the transport mode combinations rail-flight, car-flight, rail-rail, etc. with effects on arrivals and departures and parking volumes.



    Airport stations are typical infrastructures that involve the interface of cross-modal transport services, for which we bring our specific modelling skills and planning experience to bear. However, planning for P+R stations, for example, also regularly requires our planning expertise – in this case, however, with a regional focus.

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