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    Long-distance transport

    Long-distance transport shows clear differences to local transport: on the one hand, there are infrequent and irregular journeys and transports, on the other hand frequently recurring journeys in commuter or educational services as well as fixed supply chains in freight transport. Due to the longer distances, about half of passenger transport and more than two-thirds of freight transport are generated by long-distance transport. In general, long-distance transport has a higher growth dynamic than local transport due to the increasing international interdependencies.

    Our spectrum

    Overview of services

    For many years, we have been leading in the recording, forecasting and modelling of national and international transport flows for general and project-specific planning in long-distance passenger transport. Also, we regularly produce data bases for long-distance freight transport. We support the planning of infrastructure projects in all transport sectors. This also applies to the selection of transport alternatives through individual and economic evaluations and feasibility studies.

    Our target-oriented


    We offer you essential added value through

    • up-to-date Germany-wide and, to a large extent, Europe-wide databases on current and future interconnections in passenger and freight transport
    • an operational transport model for all issues in long-distance transport in Central Europe – multimodal and concerning every mode of transport
    • a continuously updated collection of data on the main prognosis drivers (economy, population, prices, transport offers, etc.)
    • operational procedures and expertise for individual and economic evaluations of infrastructure projects in Germany and all over the world
    • design and implementation of feasibility studies
    • data basis for environmental impact assessments

    Our focus

    Keeping an eye on all impacts

    Large-scale infrastructure plans and transport projects initially pursue transport policy goals. These must be considered and evaluated – especially in the overall context and across transport sectors and networks.
    However, the projects also have effects on the regional and overall national economy, on the spatial structure and on the environment. These “secondary effects” are not only taken into account, but also occupy a large part of our activities and know-how. Examples are the assessment of climate policy effects or wider macroeconomic effects (“wider economic effects”).

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    Long-distance transport

    Better data – better planning: The size of the analysed regions and the heterogeneity of spatial and transport structures are big challenges for modelling long-distance transport. Also here, our work is based on valid empirical foundations. Since conventional data bases quickly reach their limits in this context, we increasingly rely on digital sources. We have had good experience with the use of mobile phone data to record multimodal transport structures and transport interconnections.



    We are one of the first to be contacted by national and regional governments and inter-regional transport providers when questions of long-distance transport have to be examined. We are also regularly involved in international advising projects together with partners.

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