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    We shape mobility.

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    We are Intraplan,

    a diversified and well-coordinated team of specialists in which everyone contributes what they do best. With passion and commitment, we show full dedication to the current issues of our customers. We trust in facts as a basis for decision-making. This enables us to stand fully behind our results. We are motivated to shape the mobility of tomorrow and to bring new ideas to life for our customers. We are proud that we have been able to live this Intraplan idea with economic success for more than 40 years.

    We work in a target-oriented manner.

    With recognised expertise in our powerful teams, we address current planning tasks, operational topics and strategic issues in the various transport segments. We are at ease in the entrepreneurial and economic, but also social and ecological context of our clients.

    We do not sit back and relax.

    Shared knowledge is multiplied knowledge: Our teams work under this motto, putting our know-how, our experience and our established methods to work for our clients. We have the ambition to critically question ourselves and to continuously develop on the pulse of time. In this way, we always create new insights in dynamic processes.

    We are not shy.

    We claim to understand the concerns, problems and constraints of our clients. We are not afraid to provide answers even to uncomfortable questions. This is not always the easiest way. But we believe that this leads to sustainable solutions.

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    In order to further develop our team, we are always happy to meet qualified applicants – either through your application for specific jobs or as a unsolicited application.