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    Cycling mobility

    For a long time, the bicycle as a means of transport was neglected in transport planning. This is changing in the course of the discussions about the transition to more sustainable mobility. The bicycle is being given a higher status and is once again becoming a key component of future mobility concepts. We stand for an objective, fact-based balancing of the competing interests for scarce space. For this, it is important to have a solid empirical basis from counts and surveys, so on the basis of a traffic model, answers can be given to urgent questions of cycling planning.

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    Overview of services

    Well-founded planning of bicycle traffic requires a reliable data basis, which is not yet or only partially available in many areas. Our survey approach and our extrapolation procedure ensure that these fundamental datasets can be created. In addition, we have created a traffic model that covers the specific characteristics of route choice in bicycle traffic and thus enables reliable statements on bicycle-related mobility behaviour.

    Our target-oriented


    We emphasise an approach that does not anticipate any result, but rather provides a well-founded assessment based on facts:

    • We use continuous counts, short-term counts and surveys to create a comprehensive picture of the current traffic situation.
    • A differentiated extrapolation procedure creates a coherent and comparable data basis.
    • A traffic model focused on the special characteristics of cycling realistically represents the choice of routes.
    • This enables well-founded studies on measures that make cycling more attractive and allows to estimate their effects in advance.

    Our focus

    Keeping an eye on all relevant traffic interactions

    Intraplan has decades of experience in the analysis and planning of all modes of transport. We always focus on the interactions that different modes of transport exert on each other. This enables us to make well-founded statements e.g. on the benefits of land reallocations for cycling.

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    Bicycle transport

    Many cities, municipalities and districts are currently developing data bases and traffic models for cycling mobility. We are observing this market and are constantly adapting our approach to meet the current issues.



    Clients who use these services usually come from local authorities in cities, municipalities and districts.