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    Passenger transport

    Mobility is not only an expression and consequence of a modern society and economy, but also a prerequisite for it. However, mobility also consumes resources that must be preserved. In this area of conflict, responsible transport planning operates and our task is to develop suitable solutions.

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    Overview of services

    Two pillars determine our approach when it comes to questions concerning passenger transport, which have increasingly arisen in the context of the transformation of transport over the last few years: Firstly, the sound compilation of multimodal transport structures, e.g. by using new data sources (such as mobile phone data), and secondly, the evaluation of planning measures on the basis of objective criteria and established procedures. Reliable data bases on passenger transport are often the weak point in planning. Therefore, better solutions can usually be developed by using evaluations than by template-like concepts.

    Our target-oriented


    We offer you added value through

    • our fact-based, analytical approach, which is based as far as possible on empirical foundations,
    • the problem-specific application of suitable approaches to transport modelling,
    • our comprehensive knowledge of mobility research and
    • an experienced interdisciplinary group of experts from which we assemble the appropriate team for each project.

    Our focus

    Considering all potential data bases

    Comprehensive knowledge of mobility and mobility behaviour is available for passenger transport. In contrast to freight transport, there is no comprehensive transport statistics on transport interrelations. Consequently, source-destination matrices are usually generated by synthetic transport models, which sometimes deviate considerably from the real transport relations. Therefore, our approach is to refine or even to replace transport models by empirically supported traffic matrices. We are pioneers in the large-scale analysis of electronic tickets with source-destination information as well as in the generation of traffic matrices with source-destination information from mobile phone data.



    Our clients in the field of passenger transport include transport companies, cities and municipalities, public transport authorities, transport associations as well as federal and state ministries in all parts of Germany.

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