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    Project Dossiers

    Doubling rail passenger volumes

    May 2020–June 2020

    Passenger transport Rail transport

    The initial situation

    The current coalition agreement of March 2018 envisages a doubling of rail passenger numbers by 2030.

    The implementation of the Deutschlandtakt is considered to be an essential measure to achieve this goal. It is undisputed that the Deutschlandtakt alone is not sufficient to double passenger numbers – additional measures, e.g. in the area of competition policy, are required for an actual doubling. Irrespective of this, the Deutschlandtakt must offer the prerequisites for a doubling.

    Doubling the number of passengers on the railways is a contribution to climate protection.

    The concrete task

    Proof must be provided that the service structures in the Deutschlandtakt target timetable enable the doubling of demand in passenger transport.

    Our solution

    Comparison of the seat capacity in the 2nd expert draft of the Deutschlandtakt with the current demand in passenger rail transport.

    Benefits of the results

    With the successful demonstration that a doubling of demand on rail is possible, the implementation of the Deutschlandtakt is supported.

    Project data and contact persons

    Validation of a doubling of passenger numbers in the Deutschlandtakt as a sub-project of the “Consulting and support services for the Deutschlandtakt and timetable-based infrastructure development”.

    Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Berlin

    Processing period
    May 2020–June 2020