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    The initial situation

    Relatively little is known about international transport – especially rail transport.

    This gap in knowledge should be closed with a study which, on the one hand, collects the status quo and, on the other hand, allows the investigation of scenarios in addition to a basic forecast. This requires data on the existing transport links between the Netherlands and neighbouring countries, especially Belgium and Germany.

    New data sources make it possible to close gaps in knowledge about existing transport links.

    The concrete task

    Development of a database consisting of a status-quo analysis, a baseline forecast and scenarios.

    The assignment consists of three consecutive steps. First, a database of existing transport links is compiled. On this basis, a baseline forecast of future development is calculated. This forecast serves as the general basis and as basis for comparison for the calculation of various scenarios.

    Our solution

    Solid basis for the status quo analysis: Empirical data from mobile phone analyses

    Benefits of the results

    Reliable forecasts of international traffic

    Project data and contact persons

    Analysis and forecast of international traffic in the Netherlands



    Processing time
    since December 2019