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    Overall transport

    On average, every German citizen travels 15,000 kilometres per year by various means of transport and 8,000 tonne-kilometres of goods are transported per person. In order to cope with this large and growing demand efficiently, with as little disruption as possible and in an environmentally friendly manner, it is necessary to plan the transport infrastructure and transport services with foresight. To achieve this, we have comprehensive knowledge of the traffic situation, traffic behaviour and demand flows.

    Our spectrum

    Overview of services

    All means of transport have their own specific characteristics. Managing transport demand can therefore only be achieved through the interplay of the various forms of mobility and transport. Our approach is therefore always cross-modal, both on the demand and on the supply side. We achieve this through a deep understanding of and active involvement in mobility research, empirically based determination of transport linkages (source-destination matrices) and solid models of overall transport in local and long-distance traffic.

    Our target-oriented


    How we support you with our knowledge of the entire passenger and freight transport sector:

    • Creation of empirically based source-destination matrices across all modes of transport and transport types.
    • nationwide, region-wide and local overall transport models available for immediate use
    • methods and software solutions for the creation of adequate traffic models for any spatial definition
    • added value through the combination of modelling expertise and planning experience
    • fact-based analytical approach
    • comprehensive knowledge of transport statistics

    Our focus

    Keeping an eye on all horizons

    When it comes to planning and managing transport, it is not enough to limit oneself to one perspective. We look at all horizons, from analysis of the medium-term perspective up to long-term forecasts. This work provides us with essential insights into how changes in different framework conditions affect traffic patterns.



    In the field of overall transport, we are involved in almost all cross-modal tasks of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and in many issues of the federal states and the municipalities, especially in the preparation of infrastructure plans and mobility concepts.

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