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    Local public transport

    In recent decades, local public transport (LPT) has developed into an attractive, modern and popular means of transport. In highly congested urban areas, it has become an important component of the mobility services, which are essential for the functioning of the transport systems. In rural areas, it is often a genuinely attractive and environmentally friendly alternative to private motorised transport.

    Our spectrum

    Overview of services

    With our range of services, we contribute to making public transport attractive so that it can maintain and expand its role as an important part of the overall mobility offer. Passengers want attractive services and fares. But also the processes running in the background are essential for the success of public transport: an infrastructure designed to meet demand, solid timetables and functioning distribution and billing systems.

    For us, public transport is not an aim in itself. Its specific strengths lie in the bundling of transport needs. In this way, it can serve strong transport demand flows very efficiently. We advise our clients on how the specific advantages of different public transport systems can be targeted to user needs.

    In all of this, our clients are committed to economic efficiency, whether as transport or infrastructure companies towards the owners or as public authorities towards the taxpayer. For these issues, we use our established and continuously developed instruments and carry out cost and revenue forecasts and economic feasibility studies. In addition, we specialise in macroeconomic evaluations that take into account customer benefits and external effects of transport in addition to key business figures.

    Our target-oriented


    With us you benefit from

    • our in-depth knowledge of the public transport market, which we are constantly developing with our projects,
    • a broad spectrum of specialists who work in specific teams to solve your specific problem,
    • the ability to keep an eye on the essentials and the objectives in all details,
    • our concrete experience from the constant technical support of numerous different local transport areas,
    • our many years of experience with traffic modelling,
    • the possibility to adapt our methodological tools to the respective problem, as well as
    • our high level of data competence and customised software solutions, which we make available to you.

    Our focus

    Interaction of different stakeholders

    Public transport thrives on the constructive interaction of diverse partners:

    • Public transport authorities, who specify and finance the range of services offered
    • companies that provide, finance and operate the infrastructure
    • Transport companies, which provide the public transport services and finance themselves through fare revenues and charges
    • Passengers, who ultimately decide on the success of the system.
    • The public sector, which finances the necessary subsidy requirements of public transport from tax revenues

    We know the tasks and concerns of all these actors from direct customer contacts and bring this experience permanently into our consulting and project management.



    We are active throughout Germany for a large number of transport ministries, public authority organisations, local authorities, railway infrastructure companies and transport companies.

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