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    Frank Schäfer

    Managing Directors

    Consultant for tariff systems, revenue sharing, transport modelling, operational and macroeconomic evaluation, process and software development

    +49 (89) 45911 - 104
    Foto von Frank Schäfer, Mitarbeiter Intraplan Consult GmbH
    We have to face the challenges of tomorrow today. The turnaround in transport cannot be achieved overnight.

    Public transport as part of the solution for climate protection has finally been given the importance it deserves. It is characterised by efficiency and the economical use of resources.

    As the backbone of public transport, the railways need an infrastructure that meets the changing and growing demands. However, the long implementation periods for the infrastructure contradict the acute need for action in terms of climate protection.
    We stand for profound, efficient and goal-oriented planning. We do not simply work through the tasks assigned to us, but support you in your search for the best solutions with sound know-how, creativity and many years of experience.

    Education and career

    Studied civil engineering at the University of Stuttgart, specialising in spatial and traffic planning as well as transport economics, and wrote his diploma thesis under Prof. Heimerl, graduating as a graduate engineer.

    since 1991
    Intraplan Consult GmbH, Munich


    German Society of Transport Sciences (Deutsche Verkehrswissenschaftliche Gesellschaft e.V.)

    Publications (selection)

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