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    Philipp Böck

    Senior Manager

    Consultant for air traffic, demand forecasts, passengers, cargo, flight operations, airport capacity, intermodal traffic

    +49 (89) 45911 - 102
    Foto von Philipp Böck, Mitarbeiter Intraplan Consult GmbH
    Particularly in air transport, decisions can be well-founded with a comprehensive data basis.

    Over the last century, air transport has developed from a technically fascinating means of transport into a complex transport system: It links the economy and society, today connects families and cultures and enables people to look “beyond their own horizon”.

    With aviation technology providing a well established transport solution, the focus today is on the design of the air transport system and its intermodal transport function: understanding framework conditions, analysing traffic data, recognising developments, recording effects, deriving images of the future, questioning concepts and developing them further – contributing in this way “in small ways” to a meaningful form of global mobility is my incentive.

    Education and career

    Studied aerospace / mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Munich, majoring in aeronautical engineering, flight propulsion systems, degree: Diplom-Ingenieur (graduate engineer)

    Research assistant at the Technical University of Munich, focus: Operational Aspects of Air Traffic, Chair of Aviation Systems

    Doctorate: “Influence of novel aircraft concepts on airport capacity”, Dr.-Ing.

    since 2012
    Intraplan Consult GmbH, Munich

    Additional qualification

    Private pilot licence (FAA and EASA)

    Publications (selection)

    Quentin, E.; Böck, P.; Schubert, M.: Current fleet development in Germany – supply strategies of airlines and their impact on air traffic, DLRK 2015

    Böck, P.; Schubert, M.: Implementation of GNSS-based RNAV-flight procedures – quantification of potential benefits for business aviation users, CEAS 2015, Challenges in European Aerospace, August 2015

    Böck, P.: Influence of novel aircraft concepts on airport capacity, Verlag Dr. Hut, Munich

    Öttl, G.; Böck, P.; Werpup, N.; Schwarze, M.: Derivation of Representative Air Traffic Peaks as a Standard Input for Airport Related Simulation, Journal of Air Transport Management (JATM)

    Henn, A.; Weißhaar, U.; Böck, P.: Analysis of the ecological and economic impact of a Single European Sky by simulating Freeflight trajectories with Lido/Flight, Journal of Aerospace Operations, IOS Press, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 2012

    Böck, P.; Schinwald, C.; Phleps, P.: Airport capacity impact of new aircraft concepts: how to manage airport diversity and individuality, CEAS Aeronautical Journal, Springer, Vienna, Austria, December 2011

    Öttl, G.; Böck, P.: An Approach to Airport Categorization – Category Definition and Quantification for Air Traffic Related Simulation Purposes, Journal of Aerospace Operations, IOS Press, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 2011