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    The initial situation

    Various good data bases, but stored in separate databases

    The Nahverkehrsverbund Schleswig-Holstein GmbH (NAH.SH GmbH) has good quality data on transport demand from various sources. However, in order to take full advantage of all information, a consolidation of all data from all sources is needed on the one hand, and a uniform user interface on the other.

    Collecting data is the first step - making it usable is necessarily the second.

    The concrete task

    Consolidation of data sources on transport demand

    Our solution

    Intraplan, as specialist not only for traffic surveys but also for mobile phone data analysis and for web platforms analysing traffic data, is the appropriate partner for the creation of a mobility data platform.

    Benefits of the results

    For the first time, detailed information on traffic flows for the whole requested area is avalaible in a modern tool

    Project data and contact persons

    Creation of a web portal for the integration and visualisation of traffic survey and mobile phone data

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    since March 2019