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    The initial situation

    Why does a hub airport need slots after 22:30 and what would be the consequences of their cancellation?

    Noise is a central issue in the approval planning of airports and not infrequently the basis for regulating the permissible number of aircraft movements and operating hours. This is reflected in the coordination parameters applicable per airport, which limit the number of available slots and thus the scope of the plannable flight service. In these flight operations regulations, the mobility needs of the population on the one hand and the potential impact on the environment and airport surroundings on the other must be carefully weighed up – on a profound, up-to-date basis.

    Capacity and operational restrictions exert a decisive influence on the development of flight offerings. Intended, direct feedbacks to the potential traffic volume at the airport are contrasted with changes in the servicing of mobility and transport needs within its catchment area. Understanding, assessing and managing this complexity is a particular challenge.

    The flight- and airline-specific scope of action of demand-oriented flight offers determines the usability of available slots and the actual effects of operational restrictions.

    The specific task

    Impact analysis for the required cancellation of the slots previously allocated at Zurich Airport after 10:30 p.m.

    Our solution

    Simulation of slot requests and coordination, modelling of the airlines’ room for action and evaluation of the traffic impact

    Benefits of the results

    Central basis for the consideration of requested operating restrictions by the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Aviation

    Project data and contact persons

    Operational feasibility and economic viability of bringing forward the last slots at Zurich Airport against the background of its traffic and economic function and purpose

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