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    The initial situation

    What traffic development can be expected in connection with the construction of the new Terminal 3? – An internal basis for planning and decision-making

    At Frankfurt Main Airport (FRA), one of the largest airports in the world, an additional runway was successfully built and put into operation in 2011. After many years of dynamic growth, an additional terminal is being planned. Now that the planning approval process has been completed, this forecast serves as a comprehensive internal planning and decision-making basis as well as for official and, if necessary, legal coordination in the further development of the air traffic site in line with demand.

    Is the construction of Terminal 3 justified in the long term in terms of demand and how is the development of traffic to be assessed from an economic point of view?

    The concrete task

    Forecasts of traffic development at FRA for internal decision-making processes, technical planning, official and legal coordination, and questions of landside development.

    Our solution

    Preparation of forecasts on the general development of demand for air travel and cargo and their comparison with expected, relevant supply development in FRA, Germany and worldwide on the basis of detailed, intermodal traffic models

    Benefits of the results

    Comprehensive planning foundation on the basis of a task-specific, detailed traffic forecast and concrete identification of the effects of measures taken

    Project data and contact persons

    Air traffic forecast 2030 for Frankfurt Main Airport


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