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    The initial situation

    The Regional Tangent West is one of the most prominent public transport projects in the Rhine-Main region.

    The Rhine-Main Region is pursuing the goal of strengthening the tangents around the metropolitan core of Frankfurt in order to relieve the highly frequented railway node of Frankfurt. A core component of this strategy is the regional tangent west (RTW). It is intended to directly connect Frankfurt Airport as a major traffic hub with a high-quality rail system by means of tangential connections to the north and southeast. This project, which has been under discussion for decades, is now on the final straight. The infrastructure project, which will cost approximately €900 million (as of 2020), is to be financed jointly from national, federal state and municipal funds.

    Without infrastructure expansion, an increase in the modal split share of public transport cannot be achieved.

    The concrete task

    Proof of funding eligibility as a basis for federal funding under the German “Municipal Transport Financing Act”.

    Our solution

    Transport modelling and evaluation at the highest level

    The project placed high demands on both the modelling and the valuation.

    The modelling included amongst others an up-to-date forecast of landside traffic at the airport and was prepared by Intraplan in cooperation with FRAPORT. The developments at Gateway Gardens were updated in cooperation with the partner ZIV.

    Benefits of the results

    Benefit-cost indicator noticeably above 1.0 demonstrates eligibility for funding

    Project data and contact persons

    Standardised Evaluation for the Regionaltangente West (RTW)

    RTW Planning Company Ltd.


    Centre for Integrated Transport Systems GmbH (ZIV)

    Processing period
    July 2017–November 2019