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    Project Dossiers

    Subsidising new rail infrastructure from “more than one pot” using the example of the S4 Hamburg – Bad Oldesloe

    December 2013–January 2021

    Expertises and Studies Local public transport Overall economic evaluation Rail transport

    The initial situation

    Local transport benefits alone are not always sufficient to demonstrate the economic benefits of an investment in rail infrastructure.

    For the expansion of the Hamburg – Bad Oldesloe line for suburban railway operation, it is not possible to demonstrate sufficient benefit for subsidisation under the GFVG (German “Municipal Transport Financing Act”), even with a minimal amount of additional infrastructure. However, long-distance passenger transport and freight transport (including the Fehmarn Belt crossing) benefit from the expansion project in addition to local transport, so that it was appropriate to include these effects in the proof of benefits.

    Proving the eligibility of rail infrastructure is becoming more and more challenging.

    The concrete task

    Develop a methodology for the non-overlapping determination of benefits in local transport on the one hand and long-distance passenger rail transport / freight transport on the other hand.

    Our solution

    Mixed uses of the infrastructure require mixed financing of the infrastructure

    Benefits of the results

    Mixed financing of rail infrastructure projects possible under German funding law

    Project data and contact persons

    Standardised evaluation S4 Hamburg – Bad Oldesloe

    Local Transport Association Schleswig-Holstein GmbH (NAH.SH GmbH)

    Processing period
    December 2013–January 2021